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Ayesha's Mehndi Studio

Mehndi Artist in Goa is one of the leading businesses in the Mehndi Artists. Also known for, Bridal Mehndi Artists, Mehndi Artists At Home, Arabic Mehndi Artists, Portrait Mehndi Artists, Indo Arabic Mehndi Artists, Indian Mehndi Artists and much more. we take orders from all over goa.

Without henna or mehndi on her arms and legs, an Indian bride isn't complete. Modern brides are increasingly attracted to the traditional and timeless charm of displaying dark red or orange henna designs on their hands and legs, and henna artists are continuously experimenting with new hues (yes, white henna was popular lately! ), themes, and motifs.

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Ayesha's Mehndi Studio​

Mehndi Artist in Goa, an award-winning designer, combines her artistic influences with narrative to breathe beauty into the mehndi designs of each of her brides. She has spent the last five years honing her craft and comes highly recommended by people all around the world. Her work covers a broad range of styles, including designs that combine modern aesthetics with regal beauty, a complex web of patterns, Mughal-inspired motifs, and even the couple's own logo. The greatest results on the brides' special day are guaranteed by Goan Mehndi Designs' comprehension of the brides' preferences and effort to match them to their individuality. Additionally, her clients may have her services adjusted to their preferences and needs thanks to her personalized packages. we have more mehndi designs ideas

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Mehndi Artist in Goa designs assist you in choosing the top bridal mehndi artists based on your selected style and spending limit. Our roster of hand-selected experts, which is categorized as goan mehndi designsFavorites, can undoubtedly provide the henna patterns of your dreams on your wedding day.

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Goan Mehndi Designs, which has over 5 years of experience, accepts responsibility for offering various styles of mehndi designs in accordance with client requests. From the modern style to the Arabic mehndi design, Goan mehndi artisans are masters at exceeding clients' expectations. The greatest henna art designs were applied by the artisans to several celebrities, making their special occasions even more memorable. Mehndi artists in Goa traditionally feature elaborate mesh, leaf, paisley, and floral patterns. In recent years, the classic Indian mehndi design has expanded to include Arabic and Pakistani patterns as well as more memorable. Every time, the Mehndi artists create the greatest designs as well as a fusion of two separate designs to provide consumers with a delightful experience. We are devoted to delivering classic mehndi patterns to make the occasion even more spectacular, whether it is a wedding or a little rite like karwa Chauth, Teej, Eid, and many more.

Arabic mehndi

Half hand arabic mehndi in front

Rs. 200

Half hand arabic mehndi in both side

Rs. 400

Full hand arabic mehndi in front

Rs. 300

full hand arabic mehndi in both side

Rs. 600

indian mehndi

Half Hand indian Mehndi In Front​

Rs. 500

Half Hand indian Mehndi In both side

Rs. 1000

full Hand indian Mehndi In Front​

Rs. 1500

full Hand indian Mehndi In both side

Rs. 3000

Bridel mehndi

Half Hand bridel Mehndi In Front​

Rs. 600

Half Hand bridel Mehndi In both side

Rs. 1200

full Hand bridel Mehndi In Front​

Rs. 1500

full Hand bridel Mehndi In Front​

Rs. 3000

bride and groom

fingers to anklet design

Rs. 1000

fingers To Anklet Design both foot

Rs. 2000

full legs

Rs. 3000

flower design half hand

Rs. 700

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Sweetest , talented mehendi artist . Highly recommended for any occasion to get beautiful henna on your hands. Thank you Ayesha ❤️ would definitely choose u again in future.

Dr. Sonali Parab